DRC-008 remote control is a GSM module for Siemens vacuum recloser 3AD. It can be operated remotely via smartphone application and SCADA System (PC).

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1. Control switchgear via phone or SCADA to open/close with settable auto-recloser parameters; Auto-reclose (In/Out), earth protect, hotline
2. Real time alarm system settings for: Switch off alarm & power supply off. 
3. Record & View data on: Measurements, current values, voltage, power (P, Q & S), PF,  battery status, Fault flags such as state of fault and value of current faults.current), fault indication (Phase A, B, C, G & sensitive).
4. GPS & Google Map Views of auto reclosers via SCADA (PC) and smartphone app (Android) 
5. Remote Control Capability functions via SCADA/Smartphone/Desktop PCs by using GSM/GPRS/Internet network + real time call controls. Anytime, anywhere 24/7
6. User management functions; Add/remove users, retrieve user reports and view active controllers (Upto 15 users) 

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