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Before, it used to be very difficult to find where line faults occur. After using VP.Start solutions, we are now able to identify line faults instantly. It saves us a lot of time. In particular, their DRC controller gives us real time alerts about line faults and best of all we are able to collect user data usage from it. We would be happy to further deepen our cooperation with VP.Start.

We manage multiple provinces and have installed at least 6 of VP.Start’s DRC solutions. The DRC solutions have made the timely management, operation and stabilization of energy supply in these areas possible and smooth! The RPM Grid software solution provided by VP.Start is being used on a daily basis, helps us save time and has made overall operations much faster. It has also enabled us to retrieve the right data that we need to manage our customers every time and inform them of their usage whenever they request it. VP.Start’s service has proved to be the best every time.

I receive real time alerts and alarm notifications through their mobile app whenever line faults occur. Since implementing VP.Start’s solutions, there hasn’t been a need to send my team to do manual operation work like switching power on/off. I can do it remotely from anywhere. Moreover, I can check if the MV meter is working properly and can retrieve users’ power usage information through the mobile app and RPM Grid system.