Come make your idea a reality

Our training program is a program in which create for young researchers who has an innovation idea and wish to make it a reality but lacking resources. VP.Start can help you achieve your goal.

Come make your idea a reality

What we offer

For your project, we'll offer material support in the form of software and hardware.

A workspace for you to operate your research (WiFi provided)

Financial support will be provided till the end of your training period.

Throughout your training session, our expert coach will also provide guidance.

Any required references and documents will be provided both in hard copy and electronic form.

Lunch will be provided.


You’re require to upload your proposal which include your personal background, educational background, your research idea, the reason/purpose of your research, the process, the benefit it’ll offer, the future goal of your research, any requests to VP.Start, and the duration of your training period (3 - 6 months)

You’re required to come to our campus 8 hours a day (Monday - Friday) and 4 hour for Saturday (one morning)

You have to be extremely committed in doing your research.

Submit your proposal

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If your proposal got through, we will contact you in 2 weeks time via your phone number.