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Message from the founder  and CEO

Hello and welcome to the VP.Start Technology! Back in 2014, I set out on a mission to increase electrification rates throughout Cambodia, believing that a more efficient future could be achieved we led the sector through leading engineering and business transformation. As a result, I founded VP.Start Technology.

VP.Start Mission

As of February 2017, with the help of my talented team, unmatched work ethic and determination. We successfully achieved our mission by providing intelligent solutions through our cutting-edge DRC series devices to every province in Cambodia! Currently, our teams are proud to be taking our efforts to the next level with work already in progress: the modernization of Cambodia's national electricity grid system.

At VP.Start, we strive to achieve results that are measurable, sustainable and ethical when working with both public and private organizations through the impact of our custom-tailored solutions that address our partners' & clients' unique requirements. As such, our business model is built on "customer-centricity" and upholding corporate social responsibilities for the environment, sustainable practices by eliminating any obstacles that may arise. We do not compromise on our ethics and values.


My hope for the future is to continue leading our resolve by incorporating the best available practices in tackling the challenges ahead. Thus, yielding a positive impact for all to benefit from. As I have always believed in continuous learning to promote innovation, this core principle is instilled deep within the VP.Start family and will enable us to consistently better our business model. Due to this, our pipeline currently includes the introduction of premier technologies to complement our solutions through artificial intelligence (Al), smart home building management systems/automation (BMS), a fully encrypted end-to-end communication platform (AlienCheck), and leading control systems for the market along with upgrades for our DRC series and Smart Grid Systems.


We thank you for your support and look forward to an even brighter future together.