The DRC-003 is a smart controller specifically designed for Cooper Auto Recloser. It empowers electric utility operators to enhance remote control capabilities and effectively monitor distribution grid management for medium voltage operations (22kV & 35kV). By utilizing the DRC-003, operators gain valuable insights into line fault activity, current load information, power quality data, and other vital information that contributes to minimizing outages, reducing outage duration, and increasing overall power reliability.

DRC-003 DRC-003

A recloser is an automatic, high-voltage electric switch used in power distribution systems. It functions similarly to a circuit breaker found in household electric lines, as it automatically interrupts the flow of electric power in the event of a fault, such as a short circuit. By quickly isolating the faulty section and then restoring power, reclosers help minimize disruptions and ensure the reliability of the electrical grid.

The DRC-003 enables remote control of the recloser using a smartphone app or RPM Grid software (SCADA), allowing users to remote control Trip/Close the switchgear. Additionally, it facilitates data retrieval from the recloser, providing valuable insights and information.

DRC-003 DRC-003 DRC-003
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    Remote Control mode (anywhere, anytime) on Auto Recloser via smartphone app.

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    Remotely Trip or Close Switchgear via smartphone app or RPM Grid software (PC).

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    Alarm notifications for ACR Switchgear OFF, 22kV Source OFF.

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    Google Map views of DRC-003.

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    Remote Control capability functions via RPM Grid System and DRC mobile app.


Product Overview

Features & Applicability


The DRC-003 is designed to control recloser via smartphone app or RPM Grid software (PC) to Open or Close the Switchgear whilst retrieving data through the recloser


Stay connected & maintain control of Auto Recloser through GSM Call-Control functions to Trip/Close the Switchgear.


Control & configure multiple DRC-003 controllers through smartphone app or PC application


Communication data dynamic encryption, all data is encrypted before being saved into the controller and transmission between the system.


Monitor vital measurements: Current, Voltage, Power (P, Q, S), Power Factor, Battery Voltage, Trip Flag, Protection Status (On/Off), Fault Type, Switchgear Position (Open/Close), etc


Automatic alarm system for various alerts: Switchgear OFF, 22kV Source OFF, etc.


Google Map views support on DRC-003.


Record, store and view Faults, Power report and User Event Logs data.


Add/remove up to 15 users (Admin and User) and retrieve user reports.

Technical Specifications

Remote Control Unit

Voltage Supply Range

12 - 36Vdc

Operating Frequency Bandwidth

0 to 65⁰C


30% to 95%

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