DRC-002 remote control is a GSM module for all brands of LBS (Load Break Switch) used by operators in Cambodia. It can be operated remotely via smartphone application and SCADA System (PC).

DRC-002 DRC-002

A load break switch (lbs) is a device that ensures the on-load making, breaking, and safety disconnection of low-voltage electrical circuits. It disconnects the electrical current from an electric device or circuit when the current exceeds the nominal value.

The DRC-002 smart controller is unique for its wide integration applicability for all popularly used load-break switch equipment such as; Schneider, SEL, ABB, S&S, ZW32, PRECISE.

DRC-002 DRC-002 DRC-002
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    Remote Control mode (anywhere, anytime) on LBS via smartphone app.

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    Remotely Open or Close Switchgear via smartphone app or RPM Grid software (PC).

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    Alarm notifications for Battery Low, Switchgear OFF Source OFF (Using VT), Door Open.

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    Google Map Views of DRC-002.

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    Remote Control capability functions via RPM Grid and smartphone app.


Product Overview

Features & Applicability


Supports integration with widely used LBS brands: SEL, ABB, S&S, ZW32, PRECISE, etc


Communication data dynamic encryption, all data is encrypted before being saved into the controller and transmission between the system


Control & configure multiple DRC-002 controllers through smartphone app or PC application


Record, store and view User Event Logs data


Automatic alarm system for various alerts: Source OFF (Using VT), Battery Low, Switchgear OFF, Door Open, etc. Alarm notifications can also be received via SMS with additional detail (date & time).


Stay connected & maintain control of LBS through GSM CallControl functions to Trip/Close the Switchgear.


Google Map views support on DRC-002.


Add/remove up to 15 users (Admin and User) and retrieve user reports

Technical Specifications

Remote Control Unit

Add/remove up to 15 users (Admin and User) and retrieve user reports

12 - 24 Vdc

Power Supply Supply for Controller

Solar Cell, 20W

Operating Frequency Bandwidth

GSM/Internet/Call Control 900/1800 MHz

Ambient Temperature Range

0 to 45⁰C/32 to 113⁰F


≥ 95%


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