DRC-001 remote control is a GSM module for Schneider auto-reclosers (ADVC and PTCC). It can be operated remotely via smartphone application and SCADA System (PC).

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1. Control switchgear via phone or SCADA to open/close with settable auto-recloser parameters; Auto-reclose (On/Off), Earth protect (On/Off), set current phase, protection trip, current ground + Single smartphone app is capable/configurable to control multiple DRC-001 controllers. (Dynamic SMS encryption enabled - all data is encrypted before being saved in the controller.)
2. Real time alarm system for: Switchgear off, 220V CB off, 22kV source off, etc. Alarm notifications can also be received via SMS with details on  date, time.
3. Record & view data on: Value of current faults, total power reports, trip flags and ADVC event logs.(ADVC event logs can be accessed via Smartphone app).
4. GPS & Google Map Views of DRC-001 via SCADA (PC) & smartphone app(Android) UI
5. Remote Control Capability functions via SCADA/Smartphone/Desktop PCs by using GSM/GPRS/Internet network + real time call controls. Anytime, anywhere 24/7
6. Add/remove up to 15 users, retrieve user reports, view active controllers & block operators that attempt to change DRC-001 to other ADVC

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