DRC-007 remote control is a GSM module for Siemens Fusesaver 3AD8. It can be operated remotely via smartphone application and SCADA System (PC).

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1. Retrieve data from RCU & Fusesaver and send any control commands (Trip/Close switch gear, switchgear position, restart controller, fault flags and fault report, ) - All remotely
2. View status of switchgear (line current, protection mode, fusesaver level position, switchgear position) + View controller data (Signal strength, battery voltage, time and date etc) 
3. Google Map views (via SCADA UI on PC) and smartphone app (Android) current), fault indication (Phase A, B, C, G & sensitive).
4. Alarm functions: Switchgear OFF, controller low battery, Open door,  fault types (Permanent, Temporary)
5. Manage security, add or remove users, view & record user event logs. Users permission settings can be modified to requirements. Additional IT support is also available. 
6. Remote Control Capability functions via SCADA/Smartphone/Desktop PCs by using GSM/GPRS/Internet network + SMS & call controls. Anytime, anywhere 24/7
7. SMS dynamic encryption - All data is encrypted before being saved in the controller.
8. VP. Start upgradation support for SCADA features available.

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