DRC-009 DRC-009 remote control is a GSM module for RMUs (Ring Main Units). It can be operated remotely via smartphone application and SCADA System (PC).

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    Remote Control mode (anywhere, anytime) on RMU via smartphone app.

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    Remotely Trip or Close Switchgear via smartphone app or RPM Grid software (PC).

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    Obtain data for analysis, decision making and optimization of operations to improve power quality.

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    Increase efficient network utilization and minimize network losses.

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    Google Map views of DRC-009.

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    Remote Control capability functions via RPM Grid and smartphone app.


Product Overview

Features & Applicability


DRC-009 retrieve data from RMU and be able to control and monitoring (Trip/Close Switchgear) via RPM Grid and smartphone app.


Communication data dynamic encryption, all data is encrypted before being saved into the con- troller and transmission between the system.


Control & configure multiple DRC-009 controllers through smartphone app or PC application.


Alarm notifications for Fuse Break, CB Trip, MV Absence, Phase & Earth Fault.


Measure phase current data on phase A, B and C (Optional Fault Underground).


Add/remove up to 15 users (Admin and User) and retrieve user reports.


Call-Control functions to Trip/ Close the Switchgear and check Switchgear Position.

Technical Specifications

Remote Control Unit

Power Supply

(190 - 230) ± 10%

Ambient Temperature Range

0 to + 65 ⁰C


< 95%

Operation Frequency Bandwidth

GSM/GPRS, 850/900/ 1800/1900MHz

Battery Voltage


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