DRC-009 remote control is a GSM module for RMUs (Ring Main Units). It can be operated remotely via smartphone application and SCADA System (PC).

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1. Control Trip/Close functions for Switchgear via software
2. Measure Phase Current Data on phase A, B and C
3. Full Alarm function Setting:  Fuse break alarm, CB Trip Alarm, MV absence alarm, Phase & Earth Fault Alarm
4. View switchgear position indication (ON, OFF & EARTH) from Smartphone/PC/SCADA
5. View MV Present status on RMU Switchgear
6. Remote Control Capability functions via SCADA/Smartphone/Desktop PCs by using GSM/GPRS/Internet network. Anytime, anywhere 24/7
7. RMU Motorization Capable. 
8. Call Control options available 24/7.
9. Manage security, add or remove users, view & record event logs. Users permission settings can be modified to requirements. Additional IT support is also available.

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