DRC-010 remote control is a GSM module for overhead lines, earth and short-circuit faults indicator. It can be operated remotely via smartphone application and SCADA System (PC).

DRC-010 DRC-010

An overhead line Fault Passage Indicator (FPI) is a tool that finds and locates power line problems in electrical power distribution networks. The FPI recognizes the change in current that results from a problem, such as a short circuit or a power outage, and sends a signal to a central control system.

The DRC-010 is a smart controller for overhead lines, earth & short-circuit fault indicators. In most developing countries overhead distribution lines are a common part of the energy construction nfrastructure. The DRC-010 continues to be one of our popular smart-grid solutions due to its results & efficiency in distribution grid management.

DRC-010 DRC-010 DRC-010
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    Remote Control mode (anywhere, anytime) on Auto Recloser via smartphone app.

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    Remotely Trip or Close Switchgear via smartphone app or RPM Grid software (PC).

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    Alarm notifications for ACR Switchgear OFF, CB 220V Switch OFF, 22kV Source OFF.

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    Google Map views of DRC-001.

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    Remote Control capability functions via RPM Grid and smartphone app.


Product Overview

Features & Applicability


Control & configure multiple DRC-010 controllers through smartphone app or PC application.


Google Map views support on DRC-010.


Remotely monitor over-head ines through connected fault- indicators [FI] & retrieve data on: Line Current, Measurement, Restart Controller, Fault Report, GSM Signal Strength, Battery Voltage, Controller Location, time and date, etc.


Communication data dynamic encryption, all data is encrypted before being saved into the con- troller and transmission between the system.


Record, store and view FI Event Logs.


Add/remove up to 15 users (Admin and User) and retrieve user reports.


Alarm & notification functions: Temporary Fault, Permanent Fault, System Low Battery Alarm, High Current Warning Notification.

Technical Specifications

Overhead Fault Indicator



Manufacturing Standard

ANSI/IEEE495-1988 Q/GPW 436-2010

Type of Installation

Overhead Line

Rated Voltage

6 to 76kv

Current Rating

Up to 1,000A

Rating Frequency

50/60 Hz

Fault Indicator

Permanent Fault Temporary Fault

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