To enable utilities to monitor the low voltage distribution grid, DRC-015G and LVDB system has been an effective solution for management, measurements, monitoring and data analysis. DRC-015G remote monitoring is a smart CT module connected with LV feeders through CTs sensors that support up to 12 feeders with easy installation and integration with the existing setup. Thus saving on their OPEX costs and operational risks by significant margins.

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    Management, Meaurements, Monitoring and analysis from LVDB system.

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    Overload Warning and Alarm notification setting.

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    Balanced and unbalanced Distribution Network

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    OPEX costs reductions.

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    Intelligent device for automated system management.

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    Google Map views support on DRC-015G.

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    Remote Control capability functions via LMS


Product Overview

Technical Specifications

Remote Monitoring Unit (DRC-015G)

Country of Origin


Manufacture's Name

VP.Start Technology



Remote Control for LVDB Distribution Station

Remote Controller via PC for LVDB, and can be Configured to Load Tracking System.

Voltage Supply Range

200 - 240 Vac

Operation Temperature

0 to 65⁰C

Ambient Temperature Range

-10 to +70⁰C

Operating Humidity

30 to 95%


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