Distribution Remote System



Increasing complexity of the grid network and sustaining demand side activities on the power grid is a challenge for all electric utilities undergoing digital transformation. Smart energy management and consumption is top priority for both the provider and consumer as a step towards lowering energy costs.

Some of the challenges utilities face are much needed improvements in revenue management by smart-billing or smart prepaid billing(wherever applicable) and energy management whilst improving customer service.These needs have to be met by ensuring OPEX costs are controlled for operators and ensuring that the accuracy of data collection related to consumption activity is transparent and accurate.


Our latest solution is a “DRS System’’ aimed to help electric utilities better manage these activities by optimizing accurate data collection at the right points remotely, securely and instantly across the electrical grid’s value chain. Automatic data collection & monitoring, daily meter reporting, power analysis, peak load reporting and meter power data plotting are just a few of the solutions our MMS system is capable of achieving for operators.

Our DRS (Distribution Remote System) is flexible and easy to scale with integration of our DRC-004G (Remote controller for Landis+Gyr meters) and DRC-012G(Remote Controller for EDMI Meters) to accomplish this task. The DRS system has been designed to specifically tackle the challenges electric utilities are facing in today’s smart metering challenges and can be commissioned on an existing setup of distribution side meters



As the grids’ complexity is increasing, we have developed a robust digital solution to simplify and aid the operators’ day to day processes related to the electrical grid network. A key focus area has been to completely reduce or completely eliminate manual field deployments, enable easier diagnostics, maintenance and meter readings. In the process, our system has also removed safety risks to operations teams on-site whilst increasing data collection efficiency and accuracy over the cloud for further analysis and valuable insights.


As a result, operators can better manage their energy planning activities, gain greater understanding of energy usage and achieve overall decision-making efficiency. Hence, the benefits are passed downstream to consumers who enjoy a higher level of grid network reliability.

These are just some of the basic applications of the distribution remote system (DRS) which is supported by GSM & GPRS communication with our integrated DRC-004G ( Remote Controller for Landis+Gyr Meters) & DRC-012G (Remote Controller for EDMI Meters) devices.


All current and upcoming versions of the MMS software have been designed to ensure easy operator usage with the MMS interface whilst ensuring that the onboarding time is quick and easy for teams’ training purposes. Some of the basic features apart from creating user accounts and authorization for are some alert features along with collection of user event logs during any account’s login session. Administrators can also modify, set and manage various authorization levels for multiple accounts on the DRS system. Below are some of the basic features of the DRS software. For more information, please get in touch with us.

  • Automatically Data Collection & Monitoring (Meter Reading)
  • Daily Meter Data Reporting
  • Power Analysis and Peak Load Reporting
  • Meter Power Data Plotting
  • Customer data monitoring
  • Power Measurement Analysis
  • Data Reading & meter status information
  • View DRC location on google maps
  • View device settings

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