03-Oct-2020 |



"Energy Technologies & Its Future Perspectives For Cambodia" Talk Hosted at VP.Start In-Conjunction With AUN/SEED NET

This joint-talk held with leading acamedicians and researches from ITC(Institute of Technology Cambodia) University was focused on the overall energy sector situation of Cambodia and how its future could look like. Various input was given by leading academics and VP.Start as an industry player.

The event: " Energy Technologies & Its Future Perspectives For Cambodia" was yet another successful event for our team. Several members of our management team represented VP.Start which took part in the panel discussion to provide perspectives from an industry player point of view; CEO, Phoeurn Phally, Sales & Marketing, Mr.Tan Hoklun and International Business Development & Strategy Lead, Mr. Omar Sher.

The panel discussion was led by Dr.Hul Seingheng who is the Director-General of MISTI (Ministry of Science Technology & Innovation). We are grateful for the audience's appreciation of our efforts and our contribution towards developing the energy sector of Cambodia. 

Panel Style Discussion VP Start CEO SpeakingOur CEO, Phoeurn Phally took part in the panel discussion to provide insight to the audience from a business point of view along with some suggestions on how the government can formulate better energy-sector policies for the market. 

Dr.Hul Seingheng SpeechCEO Phally Speech

Dr.Hul Seingheng also graced the event and provided valuable insight from an academic and policy point of view. The topic "Energy-Security" was also greatly emphasized upon. 

Academic from ITC University Giving a Speech Omar Sher International Business Development & Strategy Lead Giving a Speech On AI In Energy

International Business Development & Strategy Lead, Omar Sher also gave insight on how AI could be implemented into the Energy sector as a future perspective for Cambodia. He emphasized greatly on becoming "Data-Driven" strategically-minded organizations and how the value of proper data-collection, data-structuring, etc in the energy sector is immeasurable and requires great care from operators, solutions' providers, and stakeholders. 

Professor From ITC University Cambodia Presenting at VP Start

VP Start Team at the event