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VP.Start Is Featured During Energy Lab's Clean Energy Week To Showcase Smart Grid Systems & Automation Technology

The event titled; " Smart-Grid Systems & Automation Showcase " at VP.Start was the second major engagement with Energy Lab.VP.Start was chosen to showcase its Smart Grid Systems & Grid-Automation technology. Unfortunately, COVID-19 pushed the remainder of the events including the exhibition until further notice in early 2021.

Attendees Registering at VP.Start Office Entrance before the beginning of the Presentation SessionA little about Energy Lab Cambodia; "Energy Lab" is a non-profit organization founded and based in Australia and works to promote clean energy, energy efficiency, and all things related to progressive global mandates such as renewable energy, switch to solar etc. Energy Lab's efforts in Cambodia are focused on promoting such initiatives amongst companies based locally. A number of companies locally based make-up the eco-system and are within the relationship portfolio of Energy Lab such as VP.Start. Energy Lab also works to create programs that helps students get internship placements within energy-focused organizations of their interest and also routinely surveys the market situation to generate insightful reports about the trends of the Cambodian energy landscape.

Omar Sher Speech, Presenting Cambodia's Energy Future & Energy Security  The event held, was the last major session for the year 2020, due to the impact COVID-19 has had on gatherings both globally and locally. Nonetheless, the turnout to the event, the response received and the expression of appreciation received was a reflection of the teams' hard work and success over the years. This was also the first time, VP.Start showcased its solutions with the use of a carefully constructed model of overhead lines, power plants and devices to better the audience's understanding of how the solutions positively impact the Smart-Grid & Automate energy distribution whenever needed. This was well-received. 

Omar Sher International BD Strategy Speech

The presentation also covered key topics, such as the high cost of energy in comparison to other neighboring nations in ASEAN & an overview of how machine learning systems (AI) could be implemented locally. Omar Sher, International Business Development & Strategy lead, went over such examples and shared with the audience how Cambodia could positively benefit from such technologies if correctly implemented in Cambodia. 

Omar Sher International BD Strategy Presenting DRCs

Sales Engineer Kroem Presenting MMS-Solution

Sales Engineer, Kroem Thoeun, also presented to the audience VP.Start's latest solution called the MMS (Meter Management System) as part of the case study section of the presentation. 

Sales Engineer Kroem Presenting

The audience also got a first-hand look at some of the security-features shown above when accessing the Smart-Grid System Software. This was led by engineers from our team, Ith Rathana & Kroem Thoeun. 

VP Start's Model Simulation

Simulation Model Showcased By Vp Start TeamSales Manager Hoklun Speaking at event