23-Apr-2024 |



Exploring the Special Benefits of VH-002 for Modernizing Home Appliances

What is VH-002?

VH-002 is an IoT device designed to modernize home appliances. Building upon the features of VH-001, VP.Start has officially released VH-002, incorporating new functionalities including energy monitoring, power limit detection, and energy consumption reports.


What are the special features of VH-002?

•    Energy Monitoring: Curious about your air conditioner's daily energy consumption? With VH-002, all doubts are dispelled as it breaks down and reveals the energy usage of every appliance in your home.


•    Power Limit: This feature safeguards your appliances from potential damage caused by overload. When electricity consumption exceeds the specified limit, VH-002 promptly cuts off the electricity, ensuring protection. The power limit is set at 1500W for optimal electricity usage.


•    Energy Consumption Reports: You can get the energy consumption reports daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.


What appliances can be used with VH-002?

VH-002 is compatible with a wide range of appliances, including lamps, air conditioners, fans, small pumping machines, and more.