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What Is RPM Grid?

Table of content:

1.    What is RPM Grid?
2.    Distribution Remote Control Devices (DRC).
3.    The Crucial Benefits of RPM Grid.


1.    What is RPM Grid?

RPM Grid is a Remote Power Medium Voltage Grid software used to manage the Distribution Remote Control Devices (DRC) that already installed with distribution electrical equipment. It enables the operator team to have real-time monitoring, control, fault detection and response, and data analysis from the management center, which is typically the control room. This system aims to maximize power efficiency and reliability gains. Additionally, RPM Grid provides substantial benefits for utilities due to its extensive capabilities and functionalities.



2.    Distribution Remote Control Devices (DRC)

DRC Devices are smart controllers designed for use with existing electrical equipment. For instance, DRC-001 is designed for Schneider Auto Recloser, and DRC-002 is for Load Break Switch. VP.Start has developed these DRC devices to be compatible with multiple brands already in use on electrical lines.



DRC Devices include:



3.    The Crucial Benefits of RPM Grid

RPM Grid transforms traditional management into a modern approach and brings numerous benefits, including:

•    Minimize outages
•    Cost effective of OPEX and CAPEX
•    Enhance services which establish trust in power distribution for clients.
•    Provide power quality (minimize voltage drop, leakage, unbalance)
•    Lifespan of equipment that makes long equipment lifetime and easy scheduling of maintenance.
•    Safety and security for operation
•    Low SAID/SAIFI that can attract more investors
•    Enable to integrate with new technology such as renewable energy sources and EV-Charging.